“Citizen of the World” First Class Postage Stamp


Stamps sold in a sheet of 20 stamps.



The Citizen of the World stamp embodies the 2019 Pole-to-Pole mission of Zen Pilot, Robert DeLaurentis, in his aircraft Citizen of the World: “One Planet, One People, One Plane: Oneness For Humanity.” Symbolically, the stamp represents a vision and call to Humanity: Each one of us is a Citizen of the World with more similarities than differences. While it may seem like an impossibly big dream, world peace is possible and is a conscious choice that begins within.

The Citizen of the World stamp is intended to connect people to each other and their dreams. The stamps are also a collector’s item to add to a favorite stamp collection or share with others to inspire creativity, collaboration and the joy of flight. A genuine first class postage stamp worth 55 cents, it can be also be used to send USPS mail. Available in sets of four stamps or sheets of 20 stamps. All purchases support the DeLaurentis Foundation for aviation scholarships.

On the stamp you will find the Citizen of the World aircraft, a highly modified 1983 Turbine Commander 900 outfitted for its record-setting Polar Circumnavigation. Just like the stars guided early aviators home, Citizen’s web address (www.PoleToPoleFlight.com) will take you to our home page where you can find information about the polar expedition and purchase “Citizen of the World” Stamps. The phrase “One Planet, One People, One Plane” reflects the “Oneness for Humanity” Mission. The image of the plane reminds us that we are all “Citizens of the World for the World.”