Scheyden Titanium Flip “Zen” Sunglasses


Serious IFR Pilots and Those Who Look to the Sky for Inspiration will want a pair of these Scheyden Titanium Flip “Zen” Sunglasses.


“Pilots are athletes who play in the game of life and death and can’t afford to lose.”
~ Robert DeLaurentis, Zen Pilot

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I went to Scheyden eyewear and asked them to design and build a one-of-a-kind dual Rx titanium “flip” frame for me like no other sunglass frame in the world for my December 2018 – February 2019 Polar Circumnavigation in the Citizen of the World.
The Robert DeLaurentis “Zen Package” includes a two-in-one frame set with a custom tinted (non-corrective) lens on the interior frame along with a fully tinted lens on the exterior frame.
The “Zen Package” is perfect for hardcore IFR flying as the interior lens, which is clear at the bottom and lightly tinted at the top, is perfect for flying beneath the clouds.  The exterior fully tinted lens is ready to be flipped down when breaking out into the intense sunlight above the clouds.
If some of your IFR flying adventures are similar to mine, you may desire a similar package. Scheyden can also customize these glasses even further for your specific Rx needs, requests for tinting, lens color, and frame for an additional fee.
When you take advantage of this Scheyden special offer by purchasing here, you’ll receive over $60 off the list price and I will include a free, signed and serialized copy of my newly released second edition book Zen Pilot: Flight of Passion and the Journey Within.

Normally $450 for the sunglasses alone, this “Zen Package” is now $379.

Offer is valid through the end of the year and makes a great holiday gift.

For every pair of glasses purchased, Scheyden will be donating a portion of the proceeds on your behalf to support this South Pole to North Pole Global Peace mission, “Oneness for Humanity: One Planet, One People, One Plane.”  So thank you for helping to support this historic expedition to the ends of the earth and beyond!